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Our founder Joshua T. Gilbert is a lifelong maker and artist. Beginning to practice his craft at the tender age of 7, his constant quest to master new techniques, materials, and skills gives him a unique perspective towards all projects and designs. Throughout this process of learning, he has mastered the tools and processes involved in metal fabrication, carpentry, electrical engineering, computer based product design, plastics production, prop making, mold making, welding, blacksmithing, and many many more. 

At the age of 15, he got special permission from the faculty to take a college level open studio metal sculpting class. He was then finally able to try welding and other industrial metal working processes. He soon realized he had found his true passion, the rest of his professional life was devoted primarily to the pursuit of excellence in both sculpture and steel fabrication.

Joshua majored in fine arts at both the University of Massachusetts Boston, and the Corcoran school of the Arts & Design in Washington DC.  He currently resides right here in Chicago.

J. Gilbert & Company is a full service design and production workshop specializing in custom decorative and functional metal fabrication work.  

We design, fabricate and install custom metal furniture, architectural elements, and light fixtures, as well as ornamental fences, gates, and railings.

We consult with artists, metal fabricators, and artisans to generate prototype tools and jigs for their specialized use.  

Our experience of more than twenty years comes to bear on every project we undertake.