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 ~Welcome, to the J. Gilbert & Company website. -

      J. Gilbert & Company is a full service Design and production workshop specializing in custom decorative and functional metal work. 

    In these pages you will find;

-Pictures of past work,

-Explanations of the various technical processes we use,

-Details about the services we offer,

-Useful information about what we do, why, and how. 

-Contact information,

         (How to request a price quote for your designs or to begin the commission process for an original product)


Our Mission

   The brainchild of an  artist~blacksmith~inventor~designer,  our goal is to produce work for the discriminating public which combines significant technical expertise with the aesthetic sensibilities of a seasoned artist.   This company was founded in response to the growing demand for high quality ornamental metalwork & sculptural art.    It is not uncommon for the customer to find that many metal shops do not produce original designs or do not have the know how to realize them.  Most other metal shops are limited in creativity or skill, we strive to be at the very top of our field in BOTH.

    The skilled artisans who create our products were drawn to this field because of a love of the process. This sense of pride in their work is clearly shown in the resulting product.

    For those with an eye for detail and quality, who seek the unique and original ,  We bring to bear a blend of art, artistry, skill, and pride in our work that is next to impossible to find elsewhere. 

     J. Gilbert & Co. is dedicated to both form AND function.  

Contact Information

J. Gilbert & Co. is happy to accept your calls during our regular business hours which are:

Monday thru Friday:              8:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M.

Saturday:                                 10:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.

Sunday:                                                        CLOSED

(773) 209-1351
(866) 571-9610
Studio address  
            (the central park arts building)
1252 N. Central park Ave.
            Chicago, IL 60651
Electronic mail
Sales (request a quote): joshua@jgilbertmetal.com
General Information: info@jgilbertmetal.com
Webmaster: joshua@jgilbertmetal.com

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